make it stick – The Science of Successful Learning
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Chapter 8 — Make It Stick


Students and lifelong learners alike will benefit from structured learning that includes spaced and interleaved retrieval practice, elaboration, generation, reflection, and use of mnemonic devices. Teachers should explain how learning works, teach learners how to Georgia medical student Michael Young recounts how, by replacing rereading with retrieval practice as his principal study strategy, he raised himself from the bottom of his med school class to the top. His professors have recruited him to tutor his classmates, and they are singing Young’s praises. study, incorporate desirable difficulties in the classroom, and make retrieval practice a cornerstone of student learning. Coaches, corporate trainers, and professional associations offering in-service training should educate their participants in how learning works and structure their training programs to include spaced, interleaved, and varied practice, making use of strategies such as quizzing, simulation, reflection, peer learning, generation, and role-playing.


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