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The way you should be studying but aren’t. Mark McDaniel and Peter Brown on the Tommy Schnurmacher Show, CJAD Radio, Montreal. (17:37)

Listen to Roddy Roediger, Andrew Sobel, and Michael Young talk about the power of retrieval practice on The Science of Smart, a documentary by American Radioworks. (53:00)

Hear Mark McDaniel talk about effective study habits on the Tavis Smiley Show. (6:12)

Roddy Roediger interviewed on the Tom Woods show, August 21, 2014.

"Are You Studying Effectively? What Washington University's 'Science Of Memory' Tells Us About The Best Way To Learn" Henry Roediger, 8th grade social studies teacher Patrice Bain, and 8th grade student Zoe Henja are interviewed by Don Marsh of St. Louis (MO) Public Radio, June 3, 2014. (48:14)



Brian Johnson interviews Peter Brown for Johnson's podcast series "Optimize".

Charlie Harary interviews Peter Brown as part of the podcast series "Unlocking Greatness."

International fitness guru Bevan James Eyles interviews Peter Brown.

What teachers need to know: Jennifer Gonzales interviews Peter Brown.

The Characteristics of Effective Learning: Jonathan Levi interviews Peter


Video Clips

Henry Roediger speaking during the Harvard Initiative on Learning and Teaching Symposium, Feb. 2, 2012. (57:51)

Henry Roediger, Retrieval Practice to Enhance Learning and Retention: From the Laboratory to the Classroom, Montana State University, April 1, 2012. (1:10:22)

Extreme Memory: Henry Roediger speaks to the American Psychological Society about the power of mnemonic tools for aiding memorization. At the conclusion of his remarks (1:08:10), memory athlete Nelson Dellis attempts to memorize and recite 100 randomly-generated digits. May 24, 2014, San Francisco.



How Tests Make Us Smarter
By Henry L. Roediger, New York Times, July 18, 2014

Making It Stick: A new book rethinks the hard distinction many teachers make between ‘memorizing’ and ‘thinking.’
By James M. Lang, The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 23, 2014

Four Illusions of Learning
TES Magazine, April 18, 2014

Tests That Teach
By Rebecca King, April 23, 2014

Test Pilots: An informative analysis of how knowledge can best be encoded and retrieved.
By Glenn Altschuler, Ph.D., Psychology Today, April 10, 2014

Obsessive practice isn't the key to success. Here’s why., April 20, 2014

A polished and powerful narrative that explains how memory works.
By Hazel Christie, Times Higher Education, April 3, 2014

How to learn better at any age
The Boston Globe, 9 March 2014 (PDF)

Students Should Be Tested More, Not Less. When done right, frequent testing helps people remember information longer.
By Jessica Lahey, The Atlantic, Jan 21 2014

Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits
By Benedict Carey, New York Times, September 6, 2010

A profoundly important new book.
By Lisa Hansel, The Core of Knowledge Blog, February 18, 2014.