make it stick – The Science of Successful Learning
Make It Stick - cover

“The single best work I have encountered on recent findings about the human brain and how we learn.”

— James M. Lang, The Chronicle of Higher Education


“With its credible challenge to conventional wisdom, Make It Stick points the way forward, with a very real prospect of tangible and enduring benefits.”

— Glenn Altschuler, Ph.D., Psychology Today


"If I could, I would assign all professors charged with teaching undergraduates one book: Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning. It’s not out yet (it will be published in April) but I got an early peek, and it is fantastic—it lays out what we know about the science of learning in clear, accessible prose. Every educator—and parent, and student, and professional—ought to have it on their own personal syllabus."

— Annie Murphy Paul, the Brilliant Blog


“This is a quite remarkable book … with startling implications for how we can improve our own learning, teaching, and coaching.”

— Robert Bjork, University of California, Los Angeles


"A profoundly important book. ...It’s extremely rare to find a book that everyone should read, but Make It Stick deserves such praise. You could consider it a book of cognitive psychology or education policy—I think it might be the ultimate self-help guide. "

— Lisa Hansel, The Core Knowledge Blog